What is Construction Project Management?

The job of a project manager is to work with the project management. The responsibilities of the project manager are execution, closing of any project, and planning, which are generally related to the field of architecture, telecommunication, software development, and construction industry etc. There are many types of construction projects such as: Building construction, Industrial construction, and civil construction.

Construction Project Manager
The work of the construction project manager include attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, creating clear project objectives, managing the triple constraint for projects, such as time, quality, and cost. The construction project manager is the one who has worked in the supporting industries and in the construction and then he gets promoted to foreman. This was an old model of construction project management. It was in use until the 20th centaury that the construction manager and the management worked and later the construction and management became distinct fields. But now the tradition has changed.

Organized Construction Bodies
The working way has changed in the Company of American construction lacked in to any level of standardized with the state determining individuals. The United state's Trade associations have made a stride in this same accepted set of qualifications that are created and test the competency of the project manager. There is some headway for Project Management Institutes being a body of standardized unit having created the designation of Project Management Professional shortly known as (PMP). The American Institute of Constructors is the professional society for the practicing constructor, sponsor for the Constructor Certification Commission holds test which is known as semi annual nation wide test. The purpose of the project management is to manage resources, and the organizing. This procedure has taken place to successful completion of specific project objectives and its goal. As well the process of the Construction Project Management is similar he will look above all the works which are going in the sites which he is working. He must be hard working and well talented and especially a good communicator so, only he can be able to communicate in that field and tell them the procedure and also talk with the managers, and building constructor with the whole company if needed.
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