The Future of Construction and What’s Happening Now in Construction

Are you interested in the future of construction and also wondering what is happening now in the industry? Keep reading to find out what two experts have to say.

According to David Pressler, "The future of construction will be off the grid monolithic indestructible concrete homes built in 60 days or less and cheaper than any other type of construction and they are indestructible."

Heath Suddleson, a construction industry professional and professional speaker and author, told us about his experience in construction, and what's happening now in the industry:

"I have been in the construction industry for 25 years. Over the past few years, there has been a distinct drop in the number of projects across the US. Even some major cities that always had projects going on have slowed down. There was a time that a construction worker could stay in one area and even with one company. That is now different and workers, even non-manual support members, need to go where the work is. That is causing more travel and relocation. Since many projects are now outside of the US, The companies able to better ride out the downturn are those who have global projects. I work for a company that has projects on all continents except Antarctica. Australia, South America, and the Middle East are proving more stable than the US right now."
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